• Feedstock Development

    cattle in feedstock trial

    Develop improved perennial grass cultivars and hybrids that can be used on marginal cropland in Central US for the production of biomass for bioenergy.

  • Sustainable Feedstock Production Systems

    Conduct comparative analysis of the productivity potential and the environmental impacts of the most promising bioenergy crops and management systems across 14 fields in the United States.

  • Feedstock Logistics

    Provide fundamental answers to issues regarding the harvest and collection of biomass as well as improved methods to transport and store biomass in a cost effective, high quality manner.

  • System Performance

    Provide detailed analysis of feedstock production options and an accompanying set of spatial models to enhance the ability of policymakers, farmers, and the bioenergy industry to make informed decisions.

  • Feedstock Conversion/Refining

    ARS researchers led by CenUSA collaborator, Kwesi Boateng, are testing credle-to-grave fuel production using CenUSA grown switchgrass and farm-scale pyrolysis for on-site conversion of hydrocarbon fuels.

  • Markets and Distribution

    Address issues concerning implementation and commercialization of a regional system of biofuels derived from perennials grown on land unsuitable or marginal for row crop production.

  • Health and Safety

    Conduct a detailed analysis of all tasks associated with biofeedstock production for hazard targets of personnel, equipment, environment, downtime, and product.

  • Education

    Provide rich interdisciplinary training and engagement opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in all areas of bioenergy value chain to meet the workforce challenges of the emerging economy.

  • Outreach & Extension

    Deliver science-based knowledge and informal education programs linked to project objectives, and youth programs linked to 4H and FFA.

About CenUSA Bioenergy

Welcome to CenUSA Bioenergy. We are the home of an ambitious Iowa State University-based, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) sponsored, research project investigating the creation of a Midwestern sustainable biofuels and bioproducts system. This website is dedicated to sharing our work and work products with everyone interested in producing advanced transportation fuels and bioproducts derived from perennial grasses grown on land unsuitable for or marginal for row crop production.

Iowa State University's Ken Moore is the project director for our of nine institution network: Iowa State University, Purdue University; The Ohio State University; University of Wisconsin; University of Minnesota; University of Nebraska-Lincoln; University of Illinois; University of Vermont; USDA Agricultural Research Service. Read more.


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CenUSA Bioenergy produces a variety of video content on a broad range of topics ranging from switchgrass production to perennials and the landscape. Our videos and webinars are available to viewembed and download from our own dedicated sites on Vimeo and You Tube. You can also link directly to the video/webinar by clicking on the titles listed below. If you have any questions about our videos and webinars, please send us an email to cenusa@iastate.edu.



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